Daily Deal Categories A Thru G

Daily Deal Categories A thru G

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Daily Deal Categories A Thru G

Daily Deal Categories A Thru G

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FREE STUFF:     The Free Stuff Category offers all kinds of free stuff – most of the time with just the entry of your email. Many times these are big brand promos (a form of product marketing) but what the heck – it’s free !!!

BIZ OPPS:       The Biz Opps Category offers mostly opportunities to make money. This usually involves working from your home computer and many are entry level requiring little prior experience. Biz Opps will sometimes involve opportunities for starting your own home business.

DATING:     The Dating Category features many different types of Dating Sites. Some will be totally focuses on the US while others will be focused on Dating Sites in all major countries.

DOWNLOADS:     The Downloads Category features many small software tools, helpful tool bars, games, all to make your computer experience better. These are downloads from known – respected sources and virus free.

E-COMMERCE:     The E-Commerce Category features mostly Branded Shopping Sites, Auction Sites, and Specialty Bargain and Clearance Sites. Many time you are able to find some real bargains.

EDUCATION:     The Education Category offers many opportunities for furthering your education, gaining the necessary credentials to advance in your current profession or perhaps enter a new profession.

ELECTRONICS:     The Electronics Category offers many opportunities in the electronic equipment area. Some of these offer the chance to win a free device, play stations, software, and protection for your computer.

EMPLOYMENT:     The Employment Category offers free job posting sites, employment – work from home on your computer.

FINANCIAL:     The Financial Category offers mostly lending opportunities of all types and sizes. Personal Loans – for both good and bad credit. Business Loans both large and small, good and bad or no credit.

GAMING:     The Gaming Category offers all types of gaming for both children and adults, Warcraft, Casino Slots, Poker, etc. All Games for children are approved for children of each age group.

GIFT CARDS:     The Gift Card Category many different opportunities to pick up a nice gift card to go shopping. These cards are usually store specific. Some of these offers are quite sizable (we have seen $3,500). Most of these require you to take a survey or something and you are entered into chance to win (they usually publish list of winners).

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DAILY DEAL GLOBAL     Daily Deal Global features offers Globally. These are offers focused on the many individual countries globally. NOTE: Be sure to check at top of each offer to see if it is country specific (offers specific to US will say nothing).

GLOBAL DAILY DEAL REVIEWS     Global Daily Deal Reviews as posted. These are offers focused to specific countries globally.

Daily Deal Categories A Thru G